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The Photography and
Image Research Group

Our research is focused on thinking and restating the cultural value of images and image-making. We aim to shape ideas contributing to a new understanding of photography and images in the twenty-first century.

We consider photography and image-making to be a form of thinking made possible by the conditions of looking. Our research is located within the following three areas:

Considering contemporary image-making and technology

The seemingly inexhaustible production and over-supply of images means we have become debilitated by so much image choice. In the vast domain of images, our need to continue to render a complex world forces us into forever swiping in anticipation of the next image.

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Examining what photography and images do

A starting point for re-thinking what photography does is to consider not how it shows us things or keeps memories or enables us to share the events we capture, instead we can articulate an ontology of photography that has at its centre the impossibility to do such things.

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Thinking about theory

Theory does not unlock some essential subject, instead it engages with the edifices that help with the construction of a symbolic subject. Theory is not just thinking about thinking but about interrogating and expanding on how and why things appear ‘to be’ as they are. It is also a kind of self-regulation, wherein theory tests itself against itself. As an exercise in thought, it can also allow us to form new ideas about the same old things.

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