About us

in-sight:photography is a web resource developed by staff and students at Birmingham City University. It was set up as a quick response to the Covid-19 crisis as a way of offering a central point of information.

The site is an output of both research and teaching. Our aim is not to distinguish between the activities of teaching and research. Our teaching is informed by our research and all our research teaches us something. The site showcases the work and thinking of staff, students. It also provides teaching and research resources. 

We are very open to any contributions from students, staff from other institutions and any practitioners who feel their work is relevant.

Please email me directly at john.hillman@bcu.ac.uk if you would like to submit some work, writing or ideas.

The Enigma of Experience by Sammie Masters Hopkins

John Hillman

John Hillman is an educator, image-maker, researcher and writer engaged in the interdisciplinary areas of photography, image and visual culture. His interests lie in philosophical approaches to contemporary culture and understanding how images and media technologies shape our experience.

Ravi Deepres

Ravi Deepres is a British artist who works with lens-based and screen-based media. He has worked extensively with contemporary dance companies, including Wayne McGregor Random Dance Company (UK) and Karas (Japan).

Claire Hewitt

Clare Hewitt is a photographer based in Birmingham and London. After completing a degree in law, she went on to study Commercial Photography at the Arts University College at Bournemouth. She found that both subjects relate to a complex interest in human beings, their habits, behaviours and interests.

Paul Lander

Paul Lander trained as a photography technician and has worked at BCU for over thirty years. He has a background in commercial photography and an interest in contemporary landscape photography.

Monika Fischbein

Monika Fischbein is a visual artist, educator, consultant and project manager. She was educated at central saint martins college of art & design, the university of greenwich and linköping university. Her background is in fashion, photography, identity and cultural studies; with over 12 years of experience teaching in higher education. Her work has featured frequently in international solo exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

Marta Kochanek

Marta is an award-winning photographic artist with a background in advertising photography and production. Marta was trained by Annie Leibovitz in New York. Over the last decade, Marta has coordinated, art directed and produced advertising campaigns for national and international clients.